My work has grown out of the practice of figurative painting. I spent a number of years with human figurative and representational painting. As I began to evolve as an artist, what came through most, was my ability to capture the essence of what I saw before me. I began developing form and composition intuitively. The greatest joy for me was brought forth by the simplified gesture. This became the preferred practice in my work.

Embued with this new language, I began by using elements of my old visual reality, using what I knew and altering images into non-objective abstract works. I bought old Polaroid cameras, took photographs and tore them into pieces and re-organized them in preparation for paintings. Finally, I threw away all direct imagery and began working from the memories of my experience. This way of working proved to be more direct and it allowed the paintings to develop in the most natural way.

My purpose in painting is to capture the essence of my individual experience and create a link to others around me. It is a way of relating ideas, feelings; seizing a moment of rapture or pain and expressing it through visual language for the viewer. My desire is to make a connection with the viewer on a level that is toward the universal.